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An extraordinary artist whose arresting solo Bach performances ignited a global musicians' movement, Henderson's passion and skill on the cello inspired Sir Yehudi Menuhin to praise Dale's "beautiful cello playing" and Yo-Yo Ma to label him "a very gifted musician, a natural cellist."

Drawing on his work in Boston & New York bringing classical music to those with limited access, Dale naturally breaks the traditional formal barrier between audience and musician, making the music relevant and accessible and creating with his performances the intimate experience of a shared musical journey.

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LOS ANGELES, October 23: L.A. Bach Festival 2016 Season Finale

SEATTLE, September 4: Bach's Complete da Gamba Sonatas at Bloedel Reserve with William Chapman Nyaho

INDIANA, August 31: Bach's Six Suites at DePauw University



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Kicking off Bach in the Subways Day 2014
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